Sin título

¡Estamos aqui!

Indeed, we are here and there is no turning back.

Our journey to Colombia was a game of emotional hop-scotch. At points, I had one foot in anxiety, followed by Daisy with two feet firmly in restlessness, then we had all four feet in nerves and sadness. This lasted the entire 10 hours at home before we left and the whole 36 minute journey down the M25. I finished on what can only be described as “oh my goodness, we are actually going away for 6 months.” My comfort zone was a mere flicker of light that was dimming over St Albans.

We pulled into Terminal 2, and it all changed. Everything was more relaxed, we had a really pleasant check-in experience and we were beginning to feel the travel vibes.

Cue a montage of plastic ziplock bags; an accidental luggage security check; burgers at Heston’s Perfectionist Cafe; some terrible chocolate ice cream; and a marital race down an escalator, and before we knew it we were playing Who Wants to Be A Millionaire on Avianca flight 212.


The power of wearing the same shoes cannot be understated…

Touchdown, 02.42am.

As we stood at the baggage carousel in Eldorado Airport, all of the negative emotions that had been felt throughout our last day at home were just distant threads of cortisol. It was aggressively early, and we may have been up for two hours already, but we were actually aqui.

The first 12 hours in this vibrant South American metropolis have been immensely entertaining. We’ve experienced an eclectic mix of modern art; Colombian history; magical pigs; rainy walks; cable cars in the fog; breathlessness at 3120m; table staff who really, really don’t want us to try and speak Spanish, and some really fantastic coffee.

Right now our trip is embryonic. Based on our previous travel experiences, we both know everyday won’t be like today, so we are going to absorb the sights, sounds and smells of Bogota to the fullest.

It goes without saying that our excitement for the next part of the trip is monumental. In 32 hours we are leaving for the Tortoise Islands, which are more commonly known as the Galapagos.

Until the next time.



2 thoughts on “Sin título

  1. Hi you couple of voyagers! It’s Ian’s old Aunty Vikki here! I don’t do Facebook, but I’ve come across your blog via Nannie Mareny’s Facebook, which is still on her iPad(I can’t bear to delete it!)😍 So I’ve pinned your blog on my phone & I’m looking forward to seeing your adventures!


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